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A Successful Entrepreneur

Momtaz has been struggling to meet the family demand with the small income of her day labor husband. In rainy season, her family hardly can get food once in a day due to unavailability of agricultural work. Still joining Unit Development Committee this was the regular life of Momtaz Begum, housewife of the Bhangha Kha Union of Laxmipur Sadar upazilla under Laxmipur district. In this struggling situation, she tried to increase family income and earned 1500 tk, working in an agricultural field.
At that time, Momtaz has been involved as UDC member and learnt about the different services of government, the rights and entitlements of marginalized through the government support, was an advance learning for her to improve the situation. “I have got the opportunity of government provided training being a UDC member” – said Momtaz. She received three months training from the Youth Development Office of Laxmipur. After receiving training she interested to start sewing to earn. In the monthly UDC meeting, she found a solution offering 1800 tk support by other UDC member to bought sewing machine. She managed to sell all her readymade garments in local markets. Furthermore her community people started to give order for sewing which added in her income. Now her income reached upto 4500 tk monthly. In the meantime, she repaid the loan and using the money in household expenditure. “I am now an example for other women in my village. Moreover, all respect me now for the changes in my life. My husband also support me in my work”- she added – “I want to expand my business and have started saving for that.”

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