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Ariful Islam: A Promising Leader

Ariful Islam, UDC president of Ward no 38, South-Middle Hali Shahar, Salt-gola crossing of Chittagong, only age of 23 and carrying on graduation program. He is young, energetic and enthusiastic and also dreamy. Dream of adjoining thyself with social change through developing his area. So when an opportunity has come towards him, he tried to catch it and Unit Development Committee was the best opportunity to fulfill his wish, so he didn‟t made mistake to recognize.
Ariful Islam involved with Unit Development Committee from the time when he heard and was selected as president for his excellent leadership aptitude. In monthly meeting, UDC members traced their most important problems and the solution. They also learned about the government institutions from which they have right to get service but they didn‟t. Upon the discussion they made an action plan and direction to avail the services from service provider institutions. At first they planned for a solid approach road since they were suffering for several years from their unlabelled road. According to plan Ariful communicated with the honorable persons of their area, with the help of NSA project Officer of BITA. Then met with ward councilor Nurul Islam Tulu and talked about their needs and action plan and given follow up constantly. During new budgeting of ward, he presented again their demand accompanied with NSA member Zakir Hosen and Md. Azam and some honorable persons. On the basis of their demand, ward councilor has visited the area and took step for a solid road of 200 meter. Whole time of the road repairing project Arif worked hard and cautious as it was not to be corrupted. The road upgrades the communication within their community. Owner of a small grocer beside the road Md Liton‟s opinion, “it also helps to increase our monthly income.” He also worked to ensure economic empowerment of women, lobbied with National Youth Development Institution (NYDI) with the help of NSA project Officer to make process for one of the UDC member work as a trainer. Identifying needs of training on several issues he organized sewing training for two times for the poor and marginalized women (21 female for the first batch and 30 female for the second batch) who wanted to do something in own initiative with the cooperation of NYDI. Getting assurance of cooperation from NYDI, he also arranged free mobile hardware training for 21 people to develop their skill on mobile hardware for their livelihood. Communicating with Women Development Institution (WDI), he has also processed maternity allowance for 4 service holder ladies which will be paid for two years in four installments and per term 2100 taka. He also helped 35 dropped out children to be admitted in a local primary school through communicating with ex-ward councilor. He also involved with other activities for the improvement of the ward. Grocer Md. Liton who is living in this community for 25 years, says about Arif – “When any step is taken by Arif we can be tension free.” Arif is trying hard for the development of the ward no. 38. He wants to ensure 100% medical service, awareness about neat and cleanliness, establishments of more dustbin, adult education, and self-independence of the people of this community. About this community ward‟s councilor Afroza Kalam said, “Arif is young and youthful. Youth leadership is fully expressed in his character. He has a lot of time and opportunity to change the community. It will be tough but possible. Lot of changes is needed in this community. We try our best to help like this young leader.” Arif says, “I want a reformed and progressive look of our community and I dare to wish it because I have learned how and where to get approached to establish our rights and believe unity is the best policy for development.”

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