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Livelihood Improvements Ignite Light of Hope


Md Shahjahan lives at Dakkin Barokheri village of Barokheri union under Ramgoti upazila. Father : Late Amir Hossain. He lost the shelter for seven times due to erosion caused by flowing Meghna river. Devastating Meghna snatched away all possessions of Amir Hossain repeatedly. But he never bend but stood boldly ...

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Tumpa and her Business group in Patiya


Tumpa Akter, a girl of 20 years could not complete her studies because of the pervasive poverty. She lives in a village of Borolia Union of Patiya Upazilla where many other girls of her ages could not complete study and get married by their families and struggling with poverty and ...

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I do my work delightfully


Adolescent name: Mukta Sardar Village: Dhalghat, Patiya,Chittagong Patiya is one of the important country-side Upazilla in Chittagong. To visit Bandarban & Cox‟s Bazaar one has to move through over Patiya. Dhalghat is one of the prominent villages in Patiya Upazilla for its historical events of movement against British period, cultural ...

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Children reporting


In CHT in Bandarban BITA is working for children protection with the support of SCI. Here child protection practice is in less position. Children are mostly vulnerable on CSA (Child Sexual abuse). Moreover communities are not interested to open up about the issue. Here Children are more likely to be ...

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UDC Member as Organizer of YDI


TTraining of youth department and UDC brought the changes in my life, the voice of UDC member of char Ruhita union under sadar upazila of Laxmipur district. He could hardly mange 200 taka per day, working as agricultural labor, which was not enough to meet the need of his six ...

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A Successful Entrepreneur


Momtaz has been struggling to meet the family demand with the small income of her day labor husband. In rainy season, her family hardly can get food once in a day due to unavailability of agricultural work. Still joining Unit Development Committee this was the regular life of Momtaz Begum, ...

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Kusum Begum: A Change Maker


Kusum Begum (age 30), knew to make wicker stool (mora), but never get fair price before joining Unit Development Committee (UDC). Her only income source was to work as maid. Managing the regular family expenditure turns to an everyday tragedy for her. Having the discussion with neighbor, she learnt about ...

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Sakhina Khatun: Tale of Hope


Awasbalia union of Noakhali district is now an example of unified voice for community development initiatives. But the scenario was not the same even before a year ago. The main livelihood opportunities are agriculture and fishing for the most of the people. They hardly can think of other livelihoods beyond ...

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A Natural Women Leader


The story is about her becoming SHAHNAJ PARVIN from an innocent housewife, when involved with Unit Development Committee (UDC). Shahnaj (age 35) is a progressive social activist living at Ward 29 in West Madar Bardi of Chittagong. Her little income was coming from her private coaching and she invested her ...

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Model of Unique Development


After walking on over flowing dirty water of drain when one reaches at the Chairman colony s/he can feel odor and when the dusk comes down then anyone can hear sound of teasing from here and there. Overcrowded and unhygienic area where people were totally unconscious about it. It‟s the ...

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