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New Program coming in Decemer


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Local Government initiative of BITA-SDLG


BITA has undertaken initiative to strengthen local government units under the purview of SDLG(Strengthening DemocraticprojectinLaksmipurLocal&ChandpurGovernance)’districtssupportedby Tetra Tech ARD & financed by USAID. The project interventions focused to enhance capacity of elected local government representatives including secretaries and common citizen in the area of financial management & revenue generation, participatory strategic ...

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BITA-TiE Process creating a personal space for the Children


BITA has been working since 2004 promoting Child Rights through cultural initiatives with the support of Save the Children International. During this voyage of BITA has articulated & capitalized some of the best practices on how cultural intervention could create a model of community based Child Protection. TiE (Theatre in ...

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Celebration of the Internation


In association with Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Chitta internationalsday-2015women‟inMarch this year. The theme of the cel humanity.” This year the celebration lasts two days. March 07, 2015 A human chain was formed throughout Bangladesh at 10:30 am on March 07, 2015. The Chief Guest of the human chain taking place ...

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SAIEVAC Campaign initiatives in Chittagong Division


SAIEVAC is an inter-regional initiative consisting 8 of SAARC based countries. The objective of the initiative is to taking effective steps to stop all kinds of Child violence within the countries. SAIEVAC usually organize campaign to raise awareness among the community. Through the campaign they try to create a mass awareness ...

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Theatre Campaign for Strengthening Local Government


BITA has been implementing the SDLG project supported by Tetra Tech ARD funded by USAID in improving capacity on service delivery of Local Government and citizen participation for accountable and transparent local governance. Through this project BITA established the accountability mechanism of local Government representatives and Standing committees member. With ...

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Certification Ceremony of Eengmak puppet school


A  few  of  young,  talented  puppet  artists  in  Bangladesh.Initially the course has been designed for young child & youth for 3 months durations. The 1st batch’sclosing ceremony held on 18 September’14. Israt Zaman,was present the program as chief guest. In her speech she said that puppet is most interesting communication tools ...

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