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Community Inception Workshop in Ramgati, Laxmipur


BITA has been administering development initiatives focusing human rights, cultural upliftment and poverty alleviation. To retain the development initiative and future expansion, BITA with the support of HelpAge International  Bangladesh is implementing “Inclusiona” (IDR) project to uphold older people‟s rights and  prepare organized two community inception workshops with the direct beneficiary, civil society ...

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Divisional Consultation Workshop on implementing National CRC Policy


The Government of Bangladesh has taken some important steps against child labor, and has recently approved the Child Labor Eradication Policy (NCLEP). The implementation of this policy is limited, particularly in the informal economic sector which employs 93 percent of all child laborers nationwide. An estimated 1.2 million children are engaged ...

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Learning sharing workshop with Jennifer Little


Since last 15 years BITA is working with Theatre in Education (TiE) at school set up. TiE is a process where children are informed life relevant information & knowledge by creating favorable class room atmosphere. The TiE approach supports  to  facilitate  enjoy  full  learning with TiE; different of theatre expert ...

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Musical fusion development


Encourage Youths to be acquainted with traditional musical instruments of Bangladesh and increase their participation in musical instruments a workshop on Musical Fusion Development was held under the project of Exposition of Folklore Instrument and Musical History to the Youth. For doing this workshop, a group was formed consisting of ...

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