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Children reporting

In CHT in Bandarban BITA is working for children protection with the support of SCI. Here child protection practice is in less position. Children are mostly vulnerable on CSA (Child Sexual abuse). Moreover communities are not interested to open up about the issue. Here Children are more likely to be sexually abused by someone they know, including relative. Children may not always realize that what is being done to them is abuse. Children do not always tell about abuse. Children should be taken seriously when they do tell about abuse. Children don‟t know the right way to talk with each other to solve the problem. But they give their consensus that it is important to address CSA issue in each and every community in Bandarban.

Supporting by SCI (Save the Children International) BITA is implementing a project in CHT, Bandarban protecting children from CSAE (Child sexual Abuse & exploitation) where children age from 6 to 18 years enrolled. Here Community Children space concept is the centre point to lead explore of children capacity, community mobilization & strengthen the process.
Under Children space initiatives Children are taking part with regular session, life skill education, capacity development training, cultural capacity to using alternative tools, different events & campaign etc. Children informed that they have experienced eve-teasing in all the time on the way to their works, school, Bazar and festival place. Children are responding the incident is children space. This is remarkable that Children are got access to share their existing vulnerability on CSA, experience on that particular issue, identifying perpetrators etc with their friends, parents & community. This approaches contributing to make progress the report development process from Children side. In order to giving support to Children a few different community groups are existing like youth, mothers & fathers group & CWG (Community watch group). About 40 community Children in 4 working areas are capacitated as spoke men for protecting themselves from CSA. They are participating in different events with CWG, parent‟s group meetings as children representatives. Children are informing that who they are abused by the outsider of the community and abused by the abuser from their community inside. Children representation is exist in CWG group. Centering CWG community level reporting process has been developing. They determined to develop regular reporting on occurred CSA & vulnerability. Youth groups are committed to make contribution of develop community based report writing process.
Community has initiated Participatory Reporting where children are sharing their own data for examining the values progress, constraints and achievements of project an programs by stakeholders. In reporting process in every step by using PRA tools and techniques for generate information; find out threat and opportunity and also problem solving knowledge management. Formats and checklist usually; different methods considering mode of work has been used for programme monitoring, assessing progress of work and project evaluation, which will covered the result of activities, project outputs, project inputs, progress of programme according to objectives, the way the programme is managed, process of work and recommendations have been drawn for next intervention.

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