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I do my work delightfully

Adolescent name: Mukta Sardar Village: Dhalghat, Patiya,Chittagong Patiya is one of the important country-side Upazilla in Chittagong. To visit Bandarban & Cox‟s Bazaar one has to move through over Patiya. Dhalghat is one of the prominent villages in Patiya Upazilla for its historical events of movement against British period, cultural movement also. This village is situated about 7 kilometers far from Patiya Sadar. Most of the people of this village involve with agriculture. A few fisher folk communities also have has in this village. They passed their lives very hand to mouth & struggling due to over child, lack of education & awareness, less work opportunity. Children in this area do not go to school in right age, high dropout rate of adolescent girls. Mukta Sardar is presently a youth who lives in this village. Her father is a fisherman. His mane is Badal Sardar & Mother is Basu Sardar. Their family consists of 7 members with 3 brothers & 2 sisters. Mukta is the fourth one of her parents. Mukta dropped out from school in 2005 from class three. Her elder brother was separated from family when he got married. After dropping out from school Mukta have to involve with household work seriously because her mother involve as a domestic labour.

She says, “ I was unemployed and could not support my parents financially. But now I earn money and can support them. I feel even more delighted as I can support them financially despite being a girl. Many say my work is very tough. But I do my work delightfully.”
Considering this thing BITA incorporated education program in this area under EYE (Education for Youth Empowerment) since 2010 where promoting livelihood based education is one of the prior interventions to create employment opportunities for the youth. After starting EYE program under the project Mukta became involved covering with Individual Career Development Plan (ICDP). Through initiated process of ICDP Mukta developed, her path of employment opportunity, plan focusing self employment. In October of 2010 she got a 7 days handicraft training based on develop cane product. After getting the training she started to make cane product gradually. According to initial product quality, she sold one cane chair by 250 taka initially. Observing her wishes, project feel to provide further better skill improvement in this respective area. For that an advanced level 4 days training had provided for her betterment skill increase on September‟11.By this time she showed her product to a local fair. On that time observing her enterprising intention a few local organizations provided her financial support to buy raw materials. She becomes known as a good cane made producer in her constitution. She is getting product order regularly. She wishes to make a group enterprise with her equal fellows. Aside from the non-formal learning centre, BITA runs Vocational Training Centre (VTC). As she was very active, she received training on how to make bamboo stools at this VTC. Once the training being over, BITA bought her the necessary materials/ components to make bamboo stools in two equal installments. A sum of taka 3000 was spent in these two installments. Now she can make a pair of stools a week and sell them for about 700 taka. She intends to continue this work.

“Her parents are very proud of her as she is playing a boy´s financial role being a girl. She is determined to do a job once she makes up her mind. That´s way, she can still do the present hard work. She deserves full credit for her work. She has found out a way to end her poverty.”
She was not well off. So, the technical knowhow that she got from VTC has helped her become self-reliant. The technical training of VTC supported by Save the Children International has played a pivotal role in ending her poverty and establishing herself in the family. There were 4-5 adolescent girls in her group who received training on making bamboo stools like her. This group of girls intended to find a way to enrich them technically. They, of their own accord, received further training on making plastic bags having a great demand in the local market. They are now planning to open a mini factory where girls like them will come to become solvent and to fulfill their destiny. Mukta has become known as a good art & craft producer in her constitution by using cane & bamboo. Through this activity of BITA, a meaningful partnership has been developed among a local organization named LCF and Usha project of BRAC where employment based youth skill development on agriculture will be focused.

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