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Livelihood Improvements Ignite Light of Hope

Md Shahjahan lives at Dakkin Barokheri village of Barokheri union under Ramgoti upazila. Father : Late Amir Hossain. He lost the shelter for seven times due to erosion caused by flowing Meghna river. Devastating Meghna snatched away all possessions of Amir Hossain repeatedly. But he never bend but stood boldly to face obstacles. At last he took shelter beside torn embankment. He earns by fish capture through floating boat on the wide chest of Meghna. He nourishes dream avoiding risk of death and remain active for livelihood with liveliness. All family members are dependent on him. He recently crossed age of 60 years. Though ageing with hard labor makes some marks, still he bears strong vital energy. He possesses limitless potentiality to overcome poverty. Fish capture is his main occupation. He passed many days out of employment. He had to work at others‟ boat on shared-basis for years since he possesses no boat. All day shared labor brought meagre 150/200 taka per day. He maintained family with this small income. Some times he had pass days without employment. When Meghna remain very restive in rainy season, then there is no scope to catch fish. That time that had to pass hard days. They combat food-contraints somehow without or less food intake. In the way they passed more days in wants and food insecurity. Days go, night come. But they pass days half-fed state many days. The family consists of 10 members – 3 sons & 5 daughters. It‟s like an unwanted journey of life. He couldn‟t bear educational expenses of children that halted education of this generation. Cruel lashes of poverty make him wounded every day – all time. This destitute man included with ALLOW project following a selection process. His HH # 251730890154. He remains present in every meeting and sessions organized under the project. In continuation, he received cash amounting 15000 taka for fishing business. Investing this cash in fish buying from fishery ghat he started business of fish selling. With increase in profit he made some savings. Later he bought some fishing-nets and boat step by step. At one stage he started to catch fish throwing fishing net in the river. Eldest son helps him where 3 more persons emplyed on share-basis. He owns 2 fishing nets and 1 small boat having estamated value 30000 taka. He earns 500 – 600 per day through fish capture. Now he is in happy and comfortable life. He bears daily expenses without hardships. They could take fish 2 times weekly and meat once fort-nightly. Joys and happiness reflects in their faces. Now 2 sons and 2 daughters go to school. He comfortably bears their education expenses. The youngers cherish desire to be enlighted men in future. They will remove sorrows of their parents. They will work to make good for ultra-poor people. Shahjahan dreams to repair the impaired house using the savings. Thus livelihood support brings fruit to eradicate darkness of poverty-stricken family. Now his wife part in family level decision making. Shahjahan remain present in CSC meetings regularly and informed about issues related to health, women
empowerment, livelihood, service providers.He realized that women should equal partner in development. So gives importance on opinions of wife. Now Shahjahan play key role in earning while wife manage all other household affairs. Both have discussion and opinion in family level decision making process. Now they live in a pheripery of hope and certainty. Sparkles instill to reflect newer life – new meaning. Mild light afternood made him more attractive. He seems more lively and fluent. He discovered the domain of happiness after waiting of long days.

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