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Musical fusion development

Encourage Youths to be acquainted with traditional musical instruments of Bangladesh and increase their participation in musical instruments a workshop on Musical Fusion Development was held under the project of Exposition of Folklore Instrument and Musical History to the Youth.

For doing this workshop, a group was formed consisting of six youth musicians who are very skilled in their own ground. This group is expert on various instruments playing like Aktara, Dotara, Khomok, Dhol, Tabla, Behala, Kortal, Jorkhai, Mandira and also a special musical instrument made by bamboo. Main objective of group formation is to promote the instruments among school going children and youth and make them encouraged to know the applause of them and get into learning of playing these instruments. The exhibition was followed by three daylong residential workshop at BCCT to create joint fusion by the participation of musicians. The workshop was facilitated by famous musical instrument researcher Dr. Dipankar Dey. The fusion was made for 30 minutes and based on lifecycle especially from the childhood to old age stage. After finalization of the fusion, it was launched in 7 schools in Patiya Upazila before 3500 students with the prior approval of Upazila Nirbahi Officer.