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Norwegian music in port city

Music enthusiasts of the port city were recently engrossed by the performance of Trio Nattergale, a troupe consisting of three Norwegians baroque musicians, Norwegian artiste Erik Skanke Hosoien, who trained in guitar and lute, Ingeborg Chiristophersen on her sea flute and Karolina Radziej on baroque violin at DC Hill premises. Bangladesh Institute of Theatre Arts (BITA) and Live Squre hosted the program, titled “In search of the Roots” initiated by the Royal Norwegian Embassy and Concerts Norway. The program featured some traditional and popular Norwegian compositions alongside pieces that were the outcomes of a two-day music workshop arranged by BITA at Fulki Auditorium here. The program ended with some group performances from both Bangladeshi and the Nowrwegian music artist at the Chittagong Grammar School premises, Probarttak Songho and Green Valley school. The program directed by music producer Hallgeir Frydenlund.

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