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One Initiative to step out of Poverty

South-middle Hali Shahar, Anand Bazar; Ward no. 37, Durga Mandir colony – is an overcrowded community. Anju Das, 30 years old, is a dweller in seven members‟ family. Her husband earns by selling fish in local market with a very irregular amount and the rainy season is favorable for better amount. So poverty always paws in their family. Moreover three of their children are in study. As she knows sewing, so she tried to support her family by sewing dresses of community people that added income almost 2000 taka per month. Though it was not enough, supporting like „something is better than nothing‟.She has been learnt about UDC programme from neighbor and got introduce with the activities, motivation program, monthly meeting etc. Knowing these she became inspired and joined with UDC. To her, “Since they don‟t help us in exchange of anything rather assist to achieve our rights so we should accept them and try to realize their advice.” A new path has been opened in her life. She was selected as the treasurer of the committee. Then she tried to attend in monthly meeting regularly. These meetings motivated them for the development of own as well as community people. Getting information about Anju‟s talent of sewing, in a lobbying meeting with youth department BITA approached about her talent. Youth department has taken it concern and selected Anju as their trainer in a 14 days sewing training session. Anju was very happy to be selected as a trainer. After finished the training session she got Tk. 1400 as her honorarium and Tk. 500 as sewing machine‟s rent. For conducted good training session Youth department also offered her to be a regular trainer and this opportunity added almost 4/5-thousand taka per month in family income. About her performance, NYDI Officer said, “We just want to raise undeveloped community people‟s talent by providing them opportunity.” She says, “It‟s only possible for UDC.” She expresses her feeling thus, at past her opinion did not get prefer. But now the situation has been changed. Now she is able to bear her family expenses easily. Her family can fully depend on her and also accepts her advice. Her mother –in- law said that she felt proud of her daughter-in-law. Anju‟s husband also inspires her. She also achieved a good position in community as people seek advice from her in problem. But Anju Das now dreams to be a successful tailor, to have a shop where people will get there cloths and also make order for sewing and some poor people could work there and earned money which will make them self dependent. She remarks, „Now I know how to be dreamy…sky is not far……‟

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