BITA follows a two-prong approach to organize itself. One broad area is to work for the people either directly or through partnership. The other broad area is BCDC oriented which is specialized on capacity building and innovation in grass root communication. One Programme Director will head the people-oriented programme and another Director will head the BCDC. Both Directors will report to the Executive Director. The people oriented programme seeks target-group oriented specialization of its efforts and therefore differentiates its organogram according to primary (Field-based programme) and institutional stakeholders (Collaboration/Partnership Programme). For different target-group specific projects BITA will assign one Project Coordinator. The BCDC will entail Training Facilities and Innovation Centre headed by one Coordinator each. While Training Facilities will include Venue, Accommodation and Food Management, the Innovation Centre will include applied research and technology transfer internally and externally. BCDC Training Facilities will have its own set-up in terms of administration and finance, accommodation and facilities and canteen management. BITA will assign a Coordinator for Monitoring and another Coordinator for Finance and Administration accountable to the Executive Director. A Coordinator for HR and Gender Issues will also be engaged.
While each project and section will have their weekly work schedule and meeting, all Coordinators will meet once a month to discuss the operational progress of the activities. The Coordinators will prepare quarterly progress reports and will present to the meeting. The Executive Director/Director Programme will preside over the meeting and endorse the next quarterly plan after participatory discussion.