TitleSupported byMajor ActivitiesStakeholdersAchievements
Chittagong Cultural Upliftment Project (CCUP)Heinrich Boll Foundation, Germany- Cultural promotion - Knowledge & Information Management- Deprived community - NGO- Community people have recognized the alternative development approach of BITA. - Grass root groups have participated in national and international events.
Child Rights Awareness Raining in Chittagong (CRARC)Save the Children Sweden-Denmark- Rights & Governance- Deprived children - School students - Teachers.- An alternative rights based education process has been established through children space. - Rights based issues have been disseminated through cultural initiatives.
Protection from Violence, Abuse, Exploitation & Discrimination (PVAED)UNICEF Bangladesh- Rights & Governance - Collaboration- Children who are living in street & Deprived area - Police - Community leaders.- Spaces have been developed at market places for street children as freedom of expression. - The working children are getting desired wages as a result of continuous advocacy and networking with market committee.
Promoting Awareness on Local Government Issues (PALGI)ARD Bangladesh, funded by USAID- Knowledge & Information Management - Cultural Promotion - Collaboration- UP members - NGOs - Community people- Through this project first time, the positive image of local government has been highlighted through cultural initiatives.
Alternative Development Approach for Adolescents (ADAA)ActionAid Bangladesh- Rights & Governance - Knowledge & Information Management- Adolescents - Community leaders- A group of deprived community?s adolescents have been trained on issue based video making who now act as trainers.
Culture for Promotion of Rights (CPR)Royal Norwegian Embassy, Dhaka- Rights & Governance - Cultural promotion- Rural artist - Local Power Structure - School students- Culture has been recognized as effective means of promoting human rights.
Bilateral Drama Production on Trafficking (BDPT)US Embassy, Dhaka- Cultural promotion - Rights & Governance - Collaboration- Policy maker - Media people - NGO activists- A regional campaign on anti women trafficking has been established.
Alternative Media Project (AMP)ICIMOD- Cultural promotion - Knowledge & Information Management- Ethnic people- Promotion of best practice of natural resources has been possible through cultural approach.
Promotion of Human Rights Advocacy through Human Rights Education and Contentiousness (PHRAHREC)AED- Rights & Governance - Knowledge & Information Management - Cultural promotion- Rural Women - Local government - School students - Professionals- Group of grassroots women has been organized and involve with human rights education. - School students have been directly participated in human rights education.
Empowering Women through Cultural Approach (EWCA)Royal Danish Embassy- Rights & Governance- Labor Contracting Society of Danida?s road construction project- Rights education through cultural approach
Adolescents Reproductive HealthBCCP- Knowledge & Information Management- Formal Education Institution?s participants- HIV Aids and reproductive health education through life skill.
Prevention of Cross Border TraffickingAED/SARI-Equity- Rights & Governance- Youth group - Community people.- Awareness on trafficking issue has been widely spread within the common people of border areas.
SHOUHARDOCARE-Bangladesh, funded by USAID- Rights & Governance- Children - Hardcore poor women.-Hard core poor women have been addressed in the mainstream development initiatives to ensure food security.
Engender Women’s Social Recognition through Legal EmpowermentGTZ- Rights & Governance- UP Chairman, members - Marginalized women - Community people.- Legal rights information has been disseminated and legal structure of union parishad has strengthened so that women get access and proper justice against oppression.
Prevention & Protection of Victims of Human trafficking in Bangladesh (PPVHTB)International Organization for Migration (IOM)- Rights & Governance- GO, NGOs - Community people - School and college teachers & students - Bazaar committees.- Preventive and protective mechanisms to reduce human trafficking is being initiated at the targeted areas.
Facilitate Women’s Equality to Reduce Violence Against WomenOXFAM- Rights & Governance- Community people - NGOs - Education institutions- Community level Change Makers are effectively disseminating domestic violence issues to other stakeholders to protect safety net for women.
Culture for Empowerment of People (CEP)The Royal Danish Embassy- Cultural Promotion - Knowledge & Information Management - Collaboration- Community people - NGOs - Cultural Institutions- Cultural resources of greater Noakhali have been identified and recognition to promote cultural heritage has been understood by the people.
Child Led Initiatives for Ethnic Children (CLIEC)Save the Children Sweden-Denmark- Rights & Governance - Cultural Promotion- Adolescent - Parents - Local NGOs- Life skill and reproductive health related information are now accessible to the ethnic adolescents.
People’s awareness on prevention of human trafficking through community based cultural interventionInternational Organization for Migration (IOM)- Rights & Governance - Cultural Promotion- Community people - NGOs - Cultural Institutions - Local government- Country wide NGO network has established to prevent human trafficking through creating awareness among mass population
Actions for Combating Trafficking-in -Persons(ACT) ProgramWinrock International, Funded by USAID- Rights & Governance- Community people - Youth group- Anti trafficking safety net has been created in the targeted areas.
Strengthening capacity and mobilization of Civil Society Organizations and citizen groups for social audit on government programPROGATI, USAID- Rights & Governance- Community people - Civil Society - Government- A new approach of governance monitoring has been explored on public service delivery through this project
Strengthening NSAs to claim rights and services for extreme marginalized and society excluded communities of BangladeshOXFAM GB- Rights & Governance- Non State Actors - Community people - Civil SocietyCapacity building of NSA, civil society and local communities on public services, good governance will be ensuring through the project
Strengthening Democratic Local Governance- SDLG (Promote Local Governance for Strengthening Public Accountability)Tetra Tech ARD/ USAID- Rights & Governance- Local Government units - Citizen - Civil Society members - Local administration- Capacity building of local government on participatory planning, budgeting, revenue generation - Citizen in governance monitoring
Protecting Human Rights ProjectPlan Bangladesh/ USAID-Human rights- Union Parishad - Relevant Govt. Officials - Community people- Evidence based data base - Advocacy meeting - Victim care and support
Empowering Women and Adolescents for Social Change (LRP 41)ActionAid Bangladesh- Women rights and gender equality - Youth Empowerment - Sponsorship- Community Youth and Women - Service providers agencies - Local government institutions- Capacity building of youth on rights and justice issues. - Women?s action reflection groups are strengthened. - Children?s access to education increased.
Accelerate Livelihood of Left-behind Older Workforce (ALLOW)Funded by SHIREE and supported by Help Age International- Empowerment of older population- 500 extreme poor older people and their families - Govt social safety net programs- Livelihood support increased the economic condition of extreme poor older people. - Social safety net support extended to the older people
Supporting restoration and preservation of culture and heritage in Ramu, Cox’s BazarGerman Embassy Dhaka- Preservation of cultural heritage in Ramu - Develop cultural resource centre- Community people - Cultural workers- Community people share their history and cultural heritage to the young generation
Exposition of Folklore Instrument and Musical History to the YouthFunded by Royal Norwegian Embassy, supported by Concert Norway-Research on the history of traditional musical history of Bangladesh - Display of instrument before young people and help them learn playing- School student - Community youth - Traditional Musicians- An opportunity has been created for the young generation to know about the musical history of Bangladesh and find out the interesting instruments to learn.
Livelihood Improvement Facilities for Ethnics (LIFE)Funded by CODEC, supported by The Royal Danish Embassy- Ensure Human Rights of the Ethnic Communities- Ethnic communities of Mirarsharai and Fatikcchari.- Enhanced decision making capacity of the hill community through participatory learning approach
Protection of Children on the Street from Violence, Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination (PCSVAED)UNICEF Bangladesh- Protect the rights of street children- Children living in Chittagong City Corporation area - Parents & caregivers - Bazaar committee - Law enforcing agencies- Improved living condition and access to services for street children - Sensitized stakeholder to pay attention to meet rights & needs of children
Counter Trafficking Programme in Bangladesh (CTPB)The Dewalka Foundation- Prevent human trafficking and promote child rights- Community people - Children - School teacher- Empowered the community to combat trafficking with information, techniques and mechanisms
Collective Advocacy to Criminalize Domestic Violence ProjectSouth Asian Partnership- Rights & Governance- Civil society people - NGOs - Media people- Build public opinion and influenced policy makers to draft law regarding domestic violence
Access to Justice & Good GovernanceMadaripur Legal Aid Association- Rights & Governance - Information & Knowledge Management- Rural women - Community people - Local government actors- Improved access for rural people especially women to get justice - Strengthened local justice delivery mechanisms
Participatory Community Development through Cultural Initiatives (PCDCI)Save the Children in Bangladesh- Rights & Governance - Cultural promotion- Children - Community people - Traditional leaders - Local government actors & GO- Developed safety-net to protect children from violence in CHT - Improved knowledge and ability of community and institutions in protection of child rights
Improved Educational Services for Children of Ethnic Groups in Chittagong Hill Tract (IESCEGCHT)Save the Children in Bangladesh- Rights & Governance - Information & Knowledge Management- Children - Youth - Community people - Traditional leaders - Market actors - Local government & GO agencies- Improved access to decent employment opportunities of ethnic children and youth - Enhanced quality learning opportunities - Improved market access for ethnic adolescents and youth
Employment Opportunities for Children in Hill and Rural Areas to be Active Citizen (EOCHRAAC)Save the Children in Bangladesh- Rights & Governance - Information & Knowledge Management- Children - Youth - Community people - Traditional leaders - Market actors - Local government & GO agencies- Improved ability to avail decent employment opportunities of rural and hilly children and youth - Enhanced quality learning opportunities - Improved opportunities to play role as active citizen
Joint Initiative of BITA and RFLDC on Promotion of Human Right through CBOs by Cultural Interventions (RFLDC)Agriculture Extension Component, GO & DANIDA- Cultural promotion - Rights & Governance- CBOs - Grassroots artists - Community people - Local Government institutions- Improved capacity and involvement of CBOs in protecting and promoting human rights in the community - Enhanced ability to utilize cultural means through CBOs? efforts
Education for Youth Empowerment (EYE)Save the Children in Bangladesh- Information & Knowledge Management - Rights & Governance- Children - Youth - Community people - Traditional leaders - Market actors - Local government & GO agencies- Improving access to decent employment opportunities of ethnic children and youth - Opportunity created to enhance quality learning opportunities - Improving market access for ethnic adolescents and youth
Prevent and respond towards Violence against Children through a system approach (PRTVACSA)Save the Children in Bangladesh- Rights & Governance - Cultural promotion- Children - Community people - Traditional leaders - Local government actors & GO- Strengthening safety-net to protect children from violence in CHT - Improvements on knowledge and ability of community and institutions in protection of child rights