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Puppet Show

A Global Tools on Children’s Education
The indigenous children at CHT are distinct and different in respect of race, language, culture, heritage and religion. BITA observes closely that in CHT ensuring child Right is challenging due to lack of information, lack of appropriate media & tools for expression, absence of cultural interaction among children. Except cultural tools no other alternatives are there for information dissemination.
This alternative media Puppet opened a window for exploring children’s communication capacity & participation by using natural resource elements, wastage products, traditional sound & music. By this time it has been proved that Puppet would be the best communication means for creating a social movement. Based on that experience BITA developed a puppet theatre making process based manual for children. This manual is designed for 8 days long residency workshop working about 50 hours for Adolescent & Youth. In the manual 27 sessions has been incorporated. Children will capacitate them using this alternative communication tools. Now Children are disseminating the message about Child Sex (CSA) issue, identify the perpetrators, what will be the roles of parents, community people and other duty bearers for protecting children from violence. Save the Children has recognized the method as a global tools for children’s communication and is planning to share the manual with its global partners.

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