Risk 1 BITA assumes that its institutional partners will be likeminded on broad development development issues in their policies and external behaviour. Otherwise, BITA‟s partnership activities in the form of networking, alliance, etc. may suffer. In addition, it expects that the partners, particularly the strong culture-based institutions, will sustain despite occasionally discouraging environment of the country.

Risk 2 BITA assumes that the grass root people if encouraged and motivated by will put voluntary efforts for the institutional framework. It furthermore expects that people will cooperate in spite of sometimes problematic context.

Risk 3 BITA thinks it would be possible emerging culture based organizations will not be dependent on material support from BITA.

Risk 4 BITA assumes that culture-based development approach will not be a target of extremism and fundamentalism.

Monitoring and Learning

Unlike other development projects, in which quantitative impacts achievements are more common, BITA‟s achievements will be mostly qualitative. BITA will monitor whether the implementation of the strategic plan has led to the achievement of the mission. The Strategic Monitoring will yearly review its achievement, draw the lessons learnt and provide feedback to the programme section. As the basis for success BITA will use indicators. As part of strategic monitoring, BITA will also monitor its external situation continuously and provide feedback to the management. Both positive and negative factors will be registered. In addition, the strategic monitoring will include gathering of learning from other organizations.