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‘THE BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR’- Joint initiative of BITA & GOETHE Institute-Dhaka

A “Puppet Theatre”training workshop was held from 24 Jan(BITA), Patiya with the joint collaboration of Bangladesh Institute of Theatre Arts (BITA) & Goethe Institute, Bangladesh. With the direction of Renowned Puppet director Wieland Jagodzinski the workshop was divided into three groups.

The initial part was Puppet Production and the later two parts were detail production preparation and show organizes respectively.

Based on the German fairy tale- Brothers Grim “the Brave Little Tailor” wa entertainment but also create a moral character-the puppet was prepared to children from the different raw materials from our surroundings through a 35 days residential training comprises of the members of BITA Cultural Resource Team. The main theme was how a courageous little tailor inspired from a water supplier travelled out to see the world around him and became a winner conquering the hurdles.

Later the puppet theater was inaugurated through a spontaneous demonstration in a local village name Baroikara, patiya on 28 February where people from the community including men,

women, youth, children and local level representatives were present there. Overall 9 shows were demonstrated in different locations and schools of Patiya, Chittagong and Dhaka where the major participants were schools children. Later on in the National theatre institute Honorable parliament member Tarana Halim and National Shilpokola Academy Executive Director Liyakot Ali Laki praised highly for these presentation and distributed certificates among the participants.The production preparation and overall coordination between this joint collaboration between BITA and Goethe Institute was coordinated by BITA Cultural coordinator Ashok Barua and Executive director Mr. Sisir Dutta was behind the overall supervision of this production.

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