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Theatre Kalo Chand

The story builds on the social harmony and integration where people from different religions respect each other’s opinion and values. As this country has an old history of peace and harmony; so uprightness is always seen as core in strengthen communal harmony.

In the drama Buddhist monastery has shown as symbol of building peace within the people living around it. The entire story portrays how the evil force tries to demolish the community integration by doing different ill deeds and how the Chief of the Monastery works so hard to reintegrate the harmony.

Mainly the entire story talks about the peace in mind that helps us to move to kindness and compassion. If we look at present global context, peace and harmony is a very present-day discussion to build a non violent society. BITA produced this play in 2013 and now presenting to the audiences in home and also started performing neighboring countries especially India, Nepal etc.

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