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Theatre MeenKanya

An anti- trafficking intervention of BITA
Meenkanya is a story on cross border women trafficking issue developed on stage theatre format. The production is made with a view to raise awareness through cultural campaign at the regional level. The theatre has been presented at cities and bordering areas of Bangladesh and India. The production has been inaugurated by Ms. Judith Chammas, Deputy Chief of the US Embassy to Bangladesh. In her inaugural speech said ‘Women trafficking is a serious problem in Bangladesh. Every year at least 10- 20 thousand women are trafficked from Bangladesh to other countries. In the context, BITA’s production of Meenkanya will play effective role to raise consciousness in order to resist women trafficking.’
Different Newspaper in Bangladesh and India highly appreciated the production. Agony to apathy: Borderline cases of cruelty; The telegraph, Kolkata on 6 November2004, BITA seeks to make cultural exchange with other theatre groups at home and abroad and spread the theatre movement at the international level; The Stateman Binodon, 6 November 2004, Meenkanya: A play on women trafficking; The Daily Star, 9 June 2004, Meenkanya, a story on women trafficking won the hearts of the city audiences; The Bangladesh Observer, 18 June 2004.

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