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Theatre Megher vela

A presentation on Climate Change Issue

Role of theatre, a kind of psychological operation which needs sharpness in performances. The play was written and composed by facilitating the capacity, interest, logic, innovation of the group of artists as they are the principal career of the production. The play Meger Vela is about a couple who has got displaced from one place to a strange land where the rich exploiters were cropping prawn for their economical development. The couple went through many opportunities but gradually avoided to be used like puppets by the rich businessman. Even though the businessman was involved with the politicians, the couple was resisting them to get their dignified life. The play ends with a hope of struggle to exist in this world like a floating cloud carrying a capacity to rain somewhere and there would be lives growing. The name of the play is to project the Hope of Life. The production has been played at different cities of Bangladesh and India.

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