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Tumpa and her Business group in Patiya

Tumpa Akter, a girl of 20 years could not complete her studies because of the pervasive poverty. She lives in a village of Borolia Union of Patiya Upazilla where many other girls of her ages could not complete study and get married by their families and struggling with poverty and bringing the same situation like them for their children. During the rainy days they cannot even sleep as their rooms were washed with rain water.
Some day Tumpa found out the courtyard session at a nearby courtyard and asked the other members to go and see what is being discussed in this meetings. As such Tumpa and her group joined the meeting that has been undertaken by PPVHTB project team of BITA. Later when the livelihood intervention was designed considering this group‟s vulnerability of being at risk, they were included in the livelihood intervention. Tumpa leading the team expressed their interest to run the small grocery shop which was once operational but later due to shortage of investment it had been shut down.
BITA has supported them with capacity building of operating small business and provided them inputs to start up the store. Now visiting their small grocery shop it can be easily assumed that how sincerely they have addressed their livelihood development through this
economic empowerment. They have also built up a coordinated effort of trust and sharing as a way upholding team spirit. Now Tumpa has got admitted to the Open University for appearing SSC exam and has a desire to continue her study. The other members are also contributing for their families‟ betterment, children‟s education. They are also doing some social activities such as they have mobilized the communities for using hygienic sanitation and built up ring slab toilets etc. They are hoping that the project‟s contribution will really have made a significant change in their life.

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