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UDC Member as Organizer of YDI

TTraining of youth department and UDC brought the changes in my life, the voice of UDC member of char Ruhita union under sadar upazila of Laxmipur district. He could hardly mange 200 taka per day, working as agricultural labor, which was not enough to meet the need of his six member‟s family. With the small income, he could not afford to send his children to school. His shabby house adds the misery during rainy season.
When Akinchan Das heard about UDC, attended the meeting of Unit Development Committee (UDC) and selected as general secretary. Through attending the meeting with the government official and other organization, he learnt about the livestock, family and planning, youth development department. In a meeting, through discussion with youth department he learnt of the training opportunity of government youth department. Receiving three months cow rearing training he replied, “I was totally unaware about these opportunities and all of these took my life into a new turn” – He planned to take loan form youth department and applied through the support of NSA member and a loan of 15000 taka granted for him. He started to selling milk in local market and earned 10000 tk per month.

In the meantime, Akinchan also selected as community training organizer of government youth department. He assisted youth department by organizing the eligible participants. The information of safety net support and agriculture services advantaged him to assist other community people. Changes in his life inspiring other people like him to look for the income source to develop living condition. “Since government is providing us support we should get that” – he commented. “As a member of UDC and as an organizer of Youth development, my responsibility is to provide them (poor and marginalized people) information regarding the services,” he added.

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