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World Theater-SpeaksDay’15loudly against contemporary political violence

27th March- World Theater Day- a day of tremendous significance for the cultural workers of the whole world. Kristov Worlikaski famous theater personality in Poland who present international message regarding world theater day in front of the theater activist like actor, playmaker, director, designer, audience etc.This year the perspective is quite different from the other year because cultural activist were strongly clamorous to general people. In accordance with this grassroots theatre group observed world theater day with festivity in port city Chittagong. BITA grassroots theater group organized a discussion and cultural programme specially open Stage Theater, puppet, Mime and awakening song at Jogesh Park, Potenga in Chittagong on 27th March. Huge Audience such as garments workers, students, slum people, community people etc where presented in the programme Ashok Barua Coordinator cultural promotion read out the international message in front of the audience while renowned grass root activist Rabi Snaker jaladas, Rabiul Haque, Shamar Chakraborty and Community leader Kartik Chandra Dey spokes in the event. Theater influence the audience easily so the theatre movement should be strengthening for social reformation on based of Human rights the speakers added. Theatre played the vital role in all the democratic movement in the country. Huge number of theater artists of theater organization such as Srijonshil Shomoy Kallayan, Mime for Children, BITA bondhu Natya Dol, Trinomul Natya Dol gathered marking the day. At the end of the occasion the president of Grassroots Activist group Shomor Chakraborty gave special thanks to the audience and performers for observing the vibrant world theatre day.

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