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Youth Advancing Towards Change

Youths form the biggest segment of the population of Bangladesh. About one third (Approximately 34%) of the total population of Bangladesh is youth and young people. Like the other countries of the world, the youth are the future leaders, planners and decision-makers in Bangladesh. They are the most energetic and productive segment of the total population in Bangladesh. To initiate this change, Action Aid Bangladesh assembled a 2 day Youth Convention in Ganosastho Kendro from 24-25 February, 2014. The main aim of this  year’s  youth convention titled – “Youth  Advancing  towards  change”A glimpse of Programme Participants was to gather the young activists and share their experience and knowledge so that they can contribute in future decision making and leadership. Detail discussion and group work was done regarding how young people can imagine regarding different agenda, how they contribute to country’s development up to 2015. From all over the the convention where 4 of them from 29 Madarbari ward in Chittagong. In this convention participants identified their own problems and performed group presentation, theater and debate for respective solution. The youth activist of BITA believe that through this convention there create a bridge with the other participants. At the closing session of the convention Youth activist secure their commitment that together they can bring the change and it will start right from now. Youth activist presented in the convention deemed that they have the power to mainstream the overall development strategy and they will contribute for the most part of national development.

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